Leadership Team

The BIT leadership team shares a passion for manageable technology that improves customer performance. We are biased toward business improvement through our focus on making B2B integration affordable, effective, and customer-controllable. Our collective experience of integrating customers, shippers, and suppliers across rail, truck and ocean is broad and deep. We know how to deploy technology appropriately and affordably because that’s what we’ve been doing for more than a decade. Working equally well with legacy systems and the latest open source tools, we seek both the big picture and the meticulous details incorporated into its design. We’re excited about Service Oriented Architecture because it promises to make complex information technology systems much more responsive to changing business needs. Finally, we empathize with our clients. We understand their problems and pressures, we respect their budgets and deadlines, and we deliver solutions they can use and grow as their businesses evolve.

Fred M. Domke, President

Fred Domke leverages technology to improve business performance. Throughout his career, Fred has helped customers assess technology needs and develop targeted, cost-effective solutions. As CTO for Transentric, Fred developed and implemented an advanced technical architecture for e-Commerce. He was named VP, Business Development in recognition of his unique ability to grasp and articulate customers’ business needs. Today, as President and CEO of Business Integration Technology, Fred’s technical acumen, enthusiasm, and deep empathy have won the trust of BIT’s clients and partners.

Fred oversees all BIT service offerings to ensure that customers receive high-quality, technically advanced, tailored solutions. He directs BIT marketing and sales efforts, and engages with the business process side of BIT’s Roadmap and Implementation services. He works closely with the BIT team to develop BIT’s thought leadership and involvement with the open source movement. He is a strong proponent of Service Oriented Architecture because it enhances long-term business value.

Before launching BIT, Fred was the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for St. Louis-based Daugherty Business Solutions. He held the same role at Transentric, where he simultaneously served as Vice President for Business Development.

Prior to joining Transentric, Fred worked in a number of senior technical and instructional roles at Washington University. At Washington University’s Center for the Application of Information Technology (CAIT), Fred’s leadership helped CAIT member companies surmount the challenges of emerging Internet Applications Architecture and Applications Development. He consulted with Emerson Corporate and Division IT to develop an e-Commerce Applications Standard, and with Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation to evaluate and recommend an e-procurement solution. He also developed tailored training curricula for Monsanto and Boeing corporations for Internet Applications Architecture.

Before joining CAIT, Fred worked in the Medical School for the Department of Surgery. There he led the design and implementation of medical research systems using Client/Server and Web architectures to consolidate clinical information into operational data stores. The resulting data warehouse and executive decision support systems facilitated medical research breakthroughs in cancer and organ transplants.

Fred completed his studies in Applied Math and Computer Science at Washington University in St. Louis.

Fred always leads from the front, setting and meeting high expectations whether defining a customer business process or facilitating development of a technical architecture. Fred is a Dale Carnegie Leadership Training graduate.

Web Summary of Fred Domke at ZoomInfo.com

Brandon S. Jones, Director of Research and Development

Brandon Jones’s work has often pushed the envelope. Working on the Department of Defense messaging backbone prototype and pilot, Brandon extended his deep development experience with B2B messaging using advanced architectures and tools. At Transentric, Brandon developed the LogiTrack Suite transportation management system to integrate EDI messaging and other key logistics functions.

Brandon directs BIT’s technology for EME, Protocol Proxy and SQL ICE and was recently responsible for the complete B2B integration of an international agribusiness implementing SAP. Previously, Brandon successfully implemented order-to-cash business processes for the book printing industry using BIT’s open-source enterprise messsaging engine (EME) and industry standard papiNet.

Before joining BIT, Brandon worked as a Software Engineer for Northrop-Grumman Defense Mission Systems. His experience included design and implementation of key B2B technologies, including web services and portlets. His grounding in real-world application development enabled him to design and implement a rigorous performance testing and capacity planning strategy. At Transentric, he worked as an application software developer, gaining wide experience with supply chain visibility products, integration of 3rd party tools, and transaction processing products to communicate with legacy mainframe systems. Brandon earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Management from Eastern Illinois University.

Brandon is a Dale Carnegie graduate and received his Java Programming certification from Washington University’s Center for the Application of Information Technology (CAIT).

Brandon Jones at LinkedIn

Curt Hartog, Director of Strategy (Emeritus)

Curt Hartog works with the BIT team to assess customer requirements, identify market opportunities, and help track business integration trends. Having worked in a variety of IT leadership roles for more than twenty years, Curt has earned a reputation for integrity, trust, and fair dealing in the IT community.

Curt works closely with Fred Domke to assess BIT’s service offerings, project strategy, and enhance its thought leadership.

Before joining BIT, Curt served as a Senior Architect for Transentric, as a Client Services Manager for Maryville Technologies, and as Vice President for Research and Director of Operations for Influence LLC. Prior to that, Curt was the Director of Washington University’s Center for the Application of Information (CAIT). He was also a professor at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Curt has a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois.

Curt is an adjunct professor at the Olin School of Business at Washington University in St. Louis and at Tilburg University, Netherlands. He has served on the Technology Committee for the RCGA in St. Louis and has published a number of articles on Information Management.

Ken Hulse, Project Manager and Integration Analyst

Ken Hulse is a project manager with broad experience in business-to-business integration with a focus on the business processes of transportation and supply chain. At Transentric, Ken designed integration processes for a shipment tracking service. Ken worked with customers to provide the conversions of varied data sources and data formats to required X12 EDI formats. He designed processes to obtain shipment movement data from multiple carrier sources (rail, truck and ocean) to feed his customers’ business applications.

Ken is familiar with many of the X12 EDI format standards (i.e., 404/417/204/214/322/CLM data). Much of the X12 conversion work Ken did at Transentric was accomplished using XML conversion to obtain the standard X12 formats from customer-provided data using different protocols so information could be integrated into the ShipmentVision process flow. Also while at Transentric, he worked with the railroad and the Big Three automakers to design a business solution to meet the Big Three automakers' just-in-time (JIT) business requirements.

Ken developed a commercial movement tracking system integrated with the commercial messaging service and customers’ business operations. This business solution leveraged leading edge technology including Oracle, Java, Weblogic and XML. Ken also designed and developed a software implementation for the railroad intermodal process in Great Britain.

Lori M. Folta, Business Analyst

Lori Folta is a business analyst who brings broad capabilities to the BIT team, including business development, product advisory board facilitation, account management, and web training. Lori ran an advisory board for BIT and their partner company when a new product offering was being designed and developed. She played a key role in launching the product, training and on-boarding the first group of customers. She continues to act as account manager for the largest customer, reporting to their senior management, and training and supporting over 500 users. For another key account, Lori completed a high-profile workflow and analysis project, with exciting results and very positive feedback from the customer.

Prior to joining BIT, Lori worked in Product Development Account Management at Transentric, a subsidiary of Union Pacific. In Product Development, she facilitated several product advisory boards that provided feedback from existing and potential customers to teams across the enterprise (sales, marketing, design, technical, and customer support). In Account Management, she implemented and provided on-going support to customers of their enterprise messaging suite of services.

Other prior experience includes consulting for Accenture, in the telecommunications industry and for the federal government, performing software testing, program management, executive reporting, and business process reengineering.

Lori is an MBA and a Dale Carnegie graduate.