Today’s strategic business initiatives extend beyond the enterprise to suppliers, customers, and service providers. Information systems require electronic integration with these trading partners to achieve effective cost reductions and agile business processes. VANs and integration services can provide part of the solution - but the on-going transaction fees can be a drag on profits. IT can take on the B2B integration project, but they will require new skills, new staff, and new software. Business Integration Technology, Inc.’s specialized team offers a structured, step-by-step alternative that works with existing technology assets and innovative new technology to create an effective solution with low initial and recurring cost.

Business Integration Technology defines a new business model for B2B connectivity. BIT will implement collaborative business processes for your trading partner community in your data center using a cost-effective blend of your existing software and open source technology.

What's so good about BIT's Approach?

  • Dedicated team of B2B professionals
  • Source code for all components
  • Leverage successful open source projects
  • High-performance XML/XSLT processing
  • Much lower cost than VANs and B2B services
  • EDI and XML interoperability

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