PaperClipPlus™ is "software as a service" (SaaS) that provides users with precision file sharing services in "the Cloud".

PaperClipPlus™ is hosted in the Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure   Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

By uploading a file to PaperClipPlus™ and sharing the link instead of e-mailing the file as an attachment, PaperClipPlus™ users:

  • Avoid e-mail limitations on file size
  • Upload the file exactly once and share it as many times as desired
  • Control precisely who can get the file with versatile authorization strings
  • Know precisely who has accessed the file and when they accessed it
  • Tag files with user-defined labels and create sets of files (file sets) that can be shared
  • Control when the file is available and when it is not

Did they get it????

With PaperClipPlus™, you will never be unsure whether your email got through with the attachment intact. You will know exactly who has and who has not received your file.

I didn't pay your invoice because I didn't get it

With PaperClipPlus™, you can tell your customers' accounts payable department precisely who and precisely when your invoice was downloaded. You will never get caught in an endless cycle of faxing and emailing to get paid for your goods and services.

I don't show any order on file for you...

When you send an order to a supplier, you will know the order has been received and have precise control of your order process.

You can even upload all your business documents for sharing and tag them by customer to create file sets that you share in a single link. Customers see precisely the documents intended for them and for precisely as long as you want them to be in the file set.

Of course, some recipients may tell you they didn't get your e-mail with the PaperClipPlus™ link. But just as you know precisely who has received a file, you will know precisely which recipient has not received it and you can follow up proactively as soon as the e-mail should have been received. You won't be stuck waiting for 30 days on a 'net 30' invoice before you find out that it's not in the system. And you won't suffer a stock-out when supplies were never ordered because the order was lost.

Can I use PaperClipPlus™ for Marketing and Sales?

PaperClipPlus™ can be an excellent tool for precision marketing and sales.

  • Instead of just uploading your whole product catalog to a Web site and hoping your customers can find what they need, you can upload it to PaperClipPlus™, tag each item with all the categories and features it has, and create a custom file set tailored to the precise needs of each customer. You can name the file set for the customer and send them a link to their very own precision-crafted catalog.
  • With PaperClipPlus™, you can upload customers' orders and tag them with the customer name and the order status - 'On order', 'Being processed', 'Shipped', 'Invoiced', etc. Then you create a PaperClipPlus™ file set for a customer and send them just one link one time. As long as you keep your file tags up-to-date, the customer can go to that single link and see the status of every order. When an order is complete and the invoice paid, you can simply delete the file share.

What about personal use of PaperClipPlus™?

There are many ways PaperClipPlus™ can add precision to file sharing for your personal life, too.

  • Use PaperClipPlus™ to add precision to invitations to your event. Upload one copy of the invite, send the link to all the invitees and know precisely who saw it and who didn't.
  • You can upload your photo collection to PaperClipPlus™ and tag each photo with the subject, location, people, and date. Then you can create file sets like 'People in Venice, Summer of 2009' and share the whole collection in a single link. You will know precisely who has viewed your photos and when they did.
  • In the same way, you could manage recipes and share them with precisely the right friends - one file set could be 'Pasta with Chicken' and another 'Sushi and Rice'. You're in control of sharing precisely the right file sets with precisely the right people.

You can use PaperClipPlus™ for precision file sharing absolutely free

Soon there will be additional PaperClipPlus™ services available for a nominal fee - only if you use them - with no recurring monthly fee. We intend to offer the basic PaperClipPlus™ service absolutely free, subject to limitations on storage and bandwidth use. Please check out our Terms of Service for details.

Sign up with PaperClipPlus™ today and get precision control over all your file sharing!

Click here for a slideshow on Getting started with PaperClipPlus™ or click here for a PDF version of the presentation.