SQL ICE - The Internet Computing Environment for SQL Experts

SQL ICE is a comprehensive tool to manage all your queries for all your databases in one place - including scheduled batch updates and even reports that are e-mailed to users.

  1. SQL ICE makes it possible to publish reports and queries on the Web for legacy and new applications in minutes.
  2. SQL ICE is an integration tool that makes it easy to integrate to applications through database tables using Web services.
  3. SQL ICE makes it possible to create and deploy complete Web-based applications using only SQL!

You can find SQL ICE at the Amazon AWS Marketplace

SQL ICE is a Cloud offering and is available at the Amazon AWS Marketplace.

See the power of SQL ICE for yourself! Click here for videos that demonstrate how to use SQL ICE, with this Webinar targeted specifically to Drupal users.

Does your database application need an extreme makeover?

  • How long does it take to build and deploy a new report?
  • Are reports available on the Web?
  • Can your application participate in Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)?
  • Is enterprise application integration (EAI) a challenge?

If your application is implemented on a relational database and you know SQL and the application’s schema, then SQL ICE can:

  • Build complete internet applications, with insert, update, delete, even branching logic, all with the SQL you already know
  • Publish reports on the Web literally in minutes using only SQL and your knowledge of the database
  • Manage scheduled database maintenance
  • Extract data for spreadsheet analyses in .csv files
  • Upload .csv data to a Web relational database
  • Enter new data to legacy applications – without access to the application code
  • Convert the relational data to XML and expose it as a Web service for SOA and EAI
  • Create JSON objects for sophisticated Web application development
  • Connect to mySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Derby and other databases with JDBC drivers
  • Select data from one database and load it into another for simple ETL (Extract/Transform/Load)

If you do not know SQL, you can get the benefits of SQL ICE from My Data on the Web powered by SQL ICE. My Data on the Web generates all the screens for you.

SQL ICE supports the following databases:

  • MySQL
  • Derby
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • any other database for which a jdbc driver exists

Click on the screenshots below to see the SQL ICE Query behind the screen

SQL ICE is also fully integrated into BIT’s EME messaging suite for comprehensive integration capabilities.

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