fileXhub Enterprise Edition

BIT's fileXhub™ makes it simple to manage your own Internet file transfer hub. fileXhub™ is based on open standards and lightweight secure technology. fileXhub™ makes it easy to have a comprehensive, integrated, and secure managed file transfer applications.

fileXhub™ is a file transfer hub that supports authenticated file upload and download though a user-friendly portal. It includes a secure FTP alternative for attended and scripted file transfer.

fileXhub™ provides HTTP and HTTPS proxies and also works with enterprise integration platforms to provide a centrally-managed system for monitoring and managing secure file transfer activity across multiple file transfer sites or applications. As a proxy, fileXhub avoids the dirty little secret of FTP.

fileXhub™ is hosted in the Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure   Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

You can find fileXhub at the Amazon AWS Marketplace

If you don't need FTP and Web Services, you could consider fileXhub™ Personal Edition. Personal Edition qualifies for the AWS free tier, creating a low-volume portal-based integration hub for absolutely no cost for the first year.

Key capabilities include:

  • Secure file upload/download
  • Binary file support
  • Large (gigabyte) file support
  • FTP proxy
  • HTTP proxy / HTTPS proxy
  • Web services integration

fileXhub™ utilizes an encrypted database that minimizes the risk of an attacker viewing files transmitted to a fileXhub™ server. If files are left on a conventional FTP server for an extended period of time an attacker could look for those files on the filesystem of the compromised FTP server. Since fileXhub™ encrypts the database it uses to store transmitted files, an attacker cannot simply view the filesystem looking for your files.

As in all file transmission scenarios, if there is a need for the highest levels of security a Public/Private key system with digital signatures should be used. This would mean that each file that moves through fileXhub™ would already be encrypted prior with no possible way to decrypt on the fileXhub™ server itself if it was compromised by an attacker. Check out fileXhub™ Security for more information.

fileXhub™ is a lightweight replacement to standard protocol services (FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS) that is deployable in the DMZ. Click here to see how you can make your fileXhub™ available from the Internet.

fileXhub™ eliminates the need to open "holes" in the firewall of the secure internal network while still servicing a wide variety of standard messaging protocols. NO connections are made from the DMZ to the secure internal network, thus keeping the internal network safe.

All messages stored in fileXhub™ are retrieved from the internal network via the REST Web Service interface, regardless of which incoming protocol was used to store the message. This allows your customers to use whichever protocol they prefer while you use only a single protocol, REST Web Service, to retrieve messages. REST Web Services require only standard HTTP, so they are accessible to any system or language capable of making HTTP requests.

Not only does fileXhub™ help keep your internal network secure, it also secures your data as well by encrypting the data before storing it in an encrypted database. This means you no longer have to worry about plain text messages sitting on your FTP server in the insecure external network (DMZ). fileXhub™ accomplishes this by transparently using an encrypted database instead of accessing the file system. For example, when a user logs into fileXhub™ via FTP they can use the standard FTP commands to store and retrieve files; however, they are not actually interacting with the file system.

fileXhub™ simplifies user account management as well by centralizing all protocol accounts. Since fileXhub™ users are non-OS level accounts and fileXhub™ doesn't actually access the file system, you can run the fileXhub™ process as a non-privileged user on non-privileged ports for even more security.


  • fileXhub™ message store access via a simple REST Web Service Interface
  • REST Web Services are accessible to any system or language capable of making HTTP requests
  • Switch external customers' protocols without internal coding changes
  • Extensible, Spring-enabled for easy customization
  • Highly secure - encrypts each message before storing it in an encrypted database
  • Easy, centralized account management for all supported protocols
  • fileXhub™ users are NOT operating system-level accounts
  • fileXhub™ can be run as non-privileged user on non-privileged ports

fileXhub™ integration

  • Retrieve
    • Uses one polling REST HTTPS connection to retrieve an XML list all of the available messages for all integrated fileXhub™ users
    • Splits the list XML doc into one doc per item, then retrieves the items separately; once the message is successfully retrieved it is deleted from fileXhub™
  • Send
    • POST message via REST HTTPS for a specific user

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