fileXhub Personal Edition - Free!

BIT's fileXhub™ Personal Edition makes it simple to have your own Internet file transfer hub. fileXhub™ Personal Edition is based on our fileXhub™ Enterprise without fileXhub™ Enterprise's FTP or Web Services features.

fileXhub™ Personal Edition is a FREE file transfer hub that supports authenticated file upload and download though a user-friendly portal.

fileXhub™ Personal Edition is hosted in the Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure   Powered by AWS Cloud Computing.

fileXhub™ Personal Edition can run on an Amazon AWS micro instance and qualifies for Amazon's free usage tier.

You can get your own fileXhub™ Personal Edition file sharing hub fileXhub at the Amazon AWS Marketplace

Key capabilities include:

  • Secure file upload/download
  • Binary file support
  • Large (gigabyte) file support

If you need FTP, HTTP(S) and a REST API for your enterprise integration engine, please check out fileXhub™ Enterprise Edition.

fileXhub™ utilizes an encrypted database that minimizes the risk of an attacker viewing files transmitted to a fileXhub™ server. If files are left on a conventional FTP server for an extended period of time an attacker could look for those files on the filesystem of the compromised FTP server. Since fileXhub™ encrypts the database it uses to store transmitted files, an attacker cannot simply view the filesystem looking for your files.

fileXhub™ Personal Edition simplifies user account management as well by centralizing all protocol accounts. Since fileXhub™ Personal Edition users are non-OS level accounts and fileXhub™ Personal Edition doesn't actually access the file system, the fileXhub™ Personal Edition process runs as a non-privileged user on non-privileged ports for even more security.

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