My Data on the Web version 2.0.1 released

My Data on the Web Version 2.0.1 has several major enhancements to make it even easier to share information in a user-friendly Web application. These enhancements include:

  • A comprehensive Windows EXE Installer
  • Significantly improved documentation and links to on-line documentation resources
  • New functionality for data entry including support for field validation and optional and required fields
  • Improved Field types including long text areas
  • Automatic generation of totals and averages enabling users for filter data and see summary statistics
  • Improved user interface navigation
  • Built-in utilities to backup the database and individual tables

For further information, check out our Product page, My Data Apps, Screenshots, and especially the the videos on installing My Data on the Web and getting started with your first data table.

Detailed information is available on the Documentation page.

Then go to the download page and give it a try yourself!

My Data on the Web is free for personal non-commercial use and only $295 per server for commercial use.