BIT Announces - Free Cloud File Sharing for Groups

What do you get when you cross a cloud file sharing service based on Amazon S3 with a Venn diagram and social networking?

BIT's new!

PaperClipPlus™ is "software as a service" (SaaS) that provides users with precision file sharing services in "the Cloud". PaperClipPlus™ lets users share a single file or a whole fileset with one user, a list of users, or anyone they send the link to.

PaperClipPlus™ users:

  • Avoid e-mail limitations on file size
  • Upload the file exactly once and share it as many times as desired
  • Control precisely who can get the file with versatile authorization strings
  • Know precisely who has accessed the file and when they accessed it
  • Tag files with user-defined labels and create sets of files (file sets) that can be shared
  • Control when the file is available and when it is not

Please check out our Terms of Service for details.

Sign up with PaperClipPlus™ today and get precision control over all your file sharing!

Click here for a slideshow on Getting started with PaperClipPlus™ or click here for a PDF version of the presentation.