announces intuitive user interface

PaperClipPlus now provides a sophisticated Web interface for users with many of the features users expect in a native file explorer.

  • Users can double-click on a file share to launch the file in their chosen browser or native application
  • Double-clicking a tagset opens the tagsets' contents
  • There are context-sensitive popup menus opened with a right-click for additional options and details
  • An unlimited number of files can be uploaded in a single session (up to 2 GB total per upload)

And PaperClipPlus continues to offer the differentiators that make it the right choice for serious business file sharing.

  • Files are grouped by content tags into tagsets giving all the capabilities of folders plus much, much more - including nested tagsets
  • User share a single, permanent link to tagsets where content is dynamically filtered by tags
  • Tagsets and files can be secured with the unique key alone, a list of permitted usernames, a verified PaperClipPlus account, and any combination
  • All access to tagsets and individual shares is logged and available to the owner
  • Links to files on other sites and other content can be freely mixed in a tagset and shared along with PaperClipPlus content

And - best of all - PaperClipPlus is still absolutely FREE with no ads and no file limits or expiration.